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Bib's sucking bottle kit.

The kit that can both change color on your glass bottles, but also provide extra parts, which is quite handy when preparing and preparing and Sterilized bottles.

The set consists of the following parts:

- lid

- sucking head with valve function (Slow flow)

- Milky Seal

- Screw Collar

- Milk Features

Target and Specifications

comply with the European ET14350 Standard.

cleaning all Bib's Bottle parts

< P> Latex sucking head : must be washed and sterilized before each use. Pour with boiling water and leave the sucking head in the water for 5 minutes. Take it up with pure roof clothing and let it dry on a clean cloth.

Milkful, Milk Seal, Lid, Collar and Glass Bottle : Wash with hot water and soap, or in dishwasher. Then poured with boiling water to remove soap residue. Must dry completely before the bottle is assembled.

Handling of all Bib's Bottle parts
Microwave: The glass bottle can go in microwave (be as always aware of overheating parts of the milk). Plastic parts and sucking heads do not withstand microwave.

Dishwasher: All parts can go in a dishwasher - but not the sucking head.

freezer: All parts can go in freezer - but not the sucking head.