Hoppekids ANTON Baby bed 60x120 cm including ECO Dream mattress - Swan-labeled

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swan-labeled baby cot with mattress from Danish Hoppekids.

The bed has flat bars and the bottom can be placed in two different levels. Use the highest when baby is very small and put the bottom down as the eye stone grows. That way you spare your back from stupid lifting while your child can't crawl out of bed yourself.

When the bed is no longer used as a sleeping area, you can remove one side to convert it into a smart bench. Then insert under the bed base and thereby, it becomes a practical shelf for extra storage. The bench can of course always be made back to a bed!

what does it mean the bed is the Swan label?

Anton is the Swan label. This means that there are strict requirements for the product in all its life stages - from the material The bed is made of, to surface treatment, safety, durability - and actually all the way to how easy it is for you as a consumer to get rid of the product again.

The bed is made of pine and the surface is treated with water-based varnish. So it is safe for the smallest of the family to taste the bed.

Material: Pine Tree
The bed is Nordic Ecolabelled.
The bed is TüV certified.

Treatment: Water-based varnish without harmful substances and unnecessary chemistry .
Cleaning: Can be washed with a hard-woven cloth and mild soapy water.

Dimensions: B129xH81xD69 cm.

bottom can be set in two different heights that secure your back against stupid lifting.

The bed can be converted into a smart bench when not used as sleeping space.

color: white

< P> mattress:

The Swan-labeled Eco Mattress in Size 120x9x60cm from Hoppekids is an allergy-friendly quality mattress. The mattress has a soft surface and a form -proof interior that ensures your child maximum sleeping comfort and a good night's sleep. Waterlily® foam is a high quality product that provides a suspending, soft and comfortable comfort that is even better than cold foam. The structure allows air to easily move through the material and ensure that no heat of moisture is formed on the surface. Waterlily is a durable material that takes into account safety, health and environmental aspects throughout the life of the product. Waterlily preserves the shape, thereby providing persistent comfort properties. The mattress names are flame retardant without the use of additives.

The mattress is certified with the Swan label. This means that the product meets strict requirements around the environment, health, quality and safety - throughout the product's life cycle. The Swan label is the official eco -label throughout the Nordic region. The fact that it is officially means that it has the support of the authorities. The requirements for certification are constantly tightened to promote sustainable development.

The mattress is supplied including a mattress cover consisting of soft bamboo fibers on the outside with conceived thermould, which leads moisture and heat away from the body.

The cover has a zipper on 3 sides, making it easy and quick to mount.

According to the safety standard DS/EN 16890: 2017, the hanger on the zipper is removed so that it is not possible for a child to open the mattress cover . The cover can be. Washing opens by putting a paper clip in the slider.

This package solution contains:

1 x Anton Tremmes bed 60x120 cm

1 x ECO DREAM MADRAS 60x9x120 cm incl. mattress cover, white