Pabobo Automatic Night Light - White

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Pabobo Automatic Night Light is a fully automatic night light with a cozy glow that lights up when it gets dark in the room and turns off when it becomes light. LED lamp with low energy consumption and does not get hot.

Pabobo Automatic Night Light never needs to be turned on or off. You put it in the socket and take yourself from the light control.

When it gets dark in the room, the lamp lights and regulates the light according to how dark it is, the darker, the lighter the lamp. When it gets light, the light turns off.

Pabobo Automatic Night Light has an environmentally friendly LED light that doesn't get hot. A smart, simple and safe night light that is easy to take with you.

Facts Pabobo Automatic Night Lights

- Lifetime Up to 11 years

- LED- lamp, 0.7 watts

- doesn't get hot

- Fits all sockets

Age: From 0 months

Material: Lamp house 100% polycarbonate