Pet Gate / dog gate extra tall - white

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Extra high grids that do not leave marks in the frame.

Dog grille is super useful if there are areas in the house and the dog does not have to access . At the same time, it can also be used if you have both children and dogs together.

A toddler may not always understand a dog's signals and vice versa. Here, a dog grille can be a good idea, both for the sake of the dog and the child.

The grille press mounted in the doorway, so you do not have to shed in the frame or wall. via pressure, which means you don't have to screw in the wall or door frame. At the same time it is very easy to remove again.

An indicator of the grid shows if it is properly mounted.

The grid fits In openings measuring from 73.5cm and up to 79.6cm.

The grid is available in white and is 105 cm high, which makes it especially suitable for medium and large dogs .