Sebra Activity Ring for Hanging - Bird Bliss

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Beautiful and fun activity ring with mirror that can be used for hanging.

On the activity ring sits in the top fine cloud with a small rainbow behind. At the bottom hangs the bird bliss with zero-roofs like tail feathers, a shiny raindrop with crackle paper and a drop-shaped baby mirror.

At the top of the cloud, there is a C-ring which allows the activity toy to be hung on the caliper on the stroller, stroller or car seat to stimulate and activate the child's senses during transport.

The activity ring helps to strengthen and challenge:
The sensation - when the child feels textures, softness and hardness as well as different materials.
The sense of sight - when the child experiences, contrasts, colors and textures.
Self -understanding - when the child can see himself in the mirror.
Coarse and fine motor skills - when the child grabs or grabs the product and later explores the different zero tags.
The sense of hearing - when the child listens to the sound of activity ring.

Recommended age: 0+.
Marking: CE, UKCA.

Warning. May not be used near open fire.
NOTE! Choking hazard: Remove the protective film from the mirror before giving the toy to the baby.