Sebra Activity toy, Rebel the racoon, bramble blue

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fun and entertaining activity toys designed as the raccoon Rebel from Sebra Interior's Woodland collection.
This raccoon is an entertaining activity toy that can be used on the car seat, in the stroller, stroller or where a piece of activity toy is now needed.

Rebel comes in the beautiful blue Color Bramble Blue and with bright details of the face, tail and body. The bright details are made of soft velor. The activity toy keeps the child busy and helps stimulate the senses. On the stomach, the raccoon has a small mirror so the baby can see himself. In one arm, Rebel holds a C-ring in plastic that allows you to easily attach the toy so that it is within easy reach of curious small hands and eyes. In the second arm is a acorn with crackle paper in as well as a bite that will help with itchy gums during tooth decay.

measures: 32 x 7 cm