Sebra Knitted cushion/bed bumper - Sleepy Croc - Blossom Pink

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The sleeping crocodile Sleepy Croc is a Sebra classic - a knitted cushion in organic cotton that can be used for several purposes. Here in a color mix in Blossom Pink.
Sleepy Croc is the standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® certified (11.HIN.00050 HTTI). A product certification that guarantees you as a consumer that the finished product does not contain health and environmentally harmful chemistry residues.

Sleepy Croc is not a dangerous crocodile even though the pointed teeth may work like that. Sleepy Croc is a sweet crocodile that likes to put and sleep. Sleepy Croc is designed in Denmark and is made of a delicious, soft and organic cotton quality. The crocodile also quickly gets life as a cozy playmate who can relax on the bed or be used as a sleeping mate and decorative pillow.

Sleepy Croc can also be used as a pregnancy cushion/hose.
Sleepy Croc is 190 cm long.

Warning. Do not use near open fire.

Recommended age: 0+.
Marking: CE, UKCA.

About Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®
Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® is product marked with nickname confidence in textiles that can be put on products that live up to the requirements set in the standard. It is a voluntary certification and labeling scheme and the world's leading labeling for textiles and textile-like products that have been examined for health and environmentally harmful substances. A product brand that ensures you as a consumer that all components (eg sewing thread, filling, fabric and sewing marks) of the product have been tested for harmful substances.

About organic cotton
The yarn in this product is made of Organic cotton - a choice made to reduce the product's environmental imprint. Many of the environmental consequences that may be associated with cotton production can be reduced or eliminated by growing organic cotton.