bObles Crocodile medium - Green haze

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Bobles crocodile M is a fantastic tumbling furniture for children of all ages, and with its unique size and beautiful colors it will undoubtedly become a hit in the children's room. There is hardly any toy that can compete with a bobles crocodile when it comes to balance, coordination and big laughs.

For the tiny baby, crocodile can be turned onto his back and used as slides. From here, mom and dad can enjoy the presence with their little new when baby is lying on their backs and looking up. Put a bubble chicken under crocodile and suddenly you have the funniest baby-wiping.
For the crawling babies, the steps of the crocodile are the perfect first staircase where falcon can also be trained.

The fun activities stop However, not here. The stairs only become even more entertaining when the tumbling has come up. Put it at the end of the bed to help yourself - it strengthens the child's confidence to master that kind of disciplines, just as Bobles crocodile decorates in any children's room with its iconic and fun design. And when the baby becomes really brave, two crocodiles can turn into stilts or a small bench.

The natural colors are carefully selected, to create calm, sensual and inspiring surroundings for the child to play in, while at the same time The colors, as well as the tumblers are timeless and can last for more than one season.

Dimensions: H15 x L50 x W20 cm