Terms and Conditions

Always remember to read the Terms and Conditions before you make a purchase

The following sales- and shipment terms apply to all deliveries from Mammashop.

The terms apply in cases when no other written agreements have been made between you as a buyer and Mammashop.

When you shop at Mammashop, all deals and agreements are made in English. Deals and agreements concerning children under the age of 18 can be made solely by the parents or an adult with the authority to act on behalf of the child. On Mammashop it is only possible to order products on our website. When you shop at Mammashop, you make a deal with:

House of Mammashop ApS

Sivlandvaenget 3

5260 Odense S

VAT: DK37919632



All prices are in Euro incl *VAT but not including shipment. The prices are current prices.


The delivery time is dependent on the product ordered. The delivery time is shown on our individual products. If a product is out of stock you will receive an e-mail or a phone call from one of our employees shortly after you purchase.

Depending on the item, the delivery may vary from 1 to 14 days. Your order will be shipped as soon as your entire order has been packed and is ready to ship. As a result of this the latest date of shipment is the current date of shipment. 97% of all shipments are delivered to you the day after leaving our facility.

Delivery is registered as the moment the parcel service drop of the shipment of at your address and you have signed for the delivery.


All shipments are sent by ways of Post Nord, DHL, or GLS.

Right after your order has shipped, we will send you an e-mail containing a track-and trace code. With that you may log in and track your order.

Delivery costs are calculated when the products have been placed in the basket and a delivery address has been chosen.

Shipping costs:

In case an agreement has been made with Mammashop allowing Post Danmark or GLS to leave the parcel at an agreed upon location at the address, such as the garage, the front door, or the likes this happens at your own accord.

All shipments are ensured by Mammashop. Should you find damages on your parcel you must contact Mammashop on service@mammashop.eu.

We kindly point out that if you fail to pick up your delivery from the post office within the given timeframe the delivery will be returned to our facility. In this case, delivery costs will be added to cover our costs.


All prices in Mammashop include VAT but not shipment. No withdrawal is made from your account before your order has been shipped. No fees are added to your payment in Mammashop.

We offer the following payment options:

  • Visa, Mastercard. The payment is simple and takes place using an encrypted and safe connection linking directly to PBS. Only you and PBS can read this. This way no one else have access to or may save your information. When you pay with credit card you are secured against abuse of your information. You have the option to refuse a payment when you receive your payment summary. There is no deductible if you card is abused in a web shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in the payment system.

When you order has shipped you will receive an e-mail with your invoice and delivery information attached.

Right of withdrawal/exchange

You have 999 days right of withdrawal when you choose to shop at Mammashop. To take advantage of the extended/prolonged right of withdrawal in stead of the usual 14 days please see the Danish sale of goods act (købeloven) to ensure that the terms has been complied with.

Your right of withdrawal expires 999 days after the day you:

  • Received your order
  • Receive the last product from your order. In case an order made as one must be delivered in more than one shipment.
  • Receive the last batch or have the last part in hand. In case of the shipment and delivery of a product made up of more than one part.

You have 999 days from reception to contact us about your wish to withdraw your purchase.

Please contact us by mail via service@mammashop.eu. In your message you must clarify that you want to utilize your right of withdrawal.

You may also choose to utilize our withdrawal form and place it with your return shipment.  You will find the form attached to your order confirmation/product. You may also use our return portal.

It is NOT possible to withdraw your purchase by simply refusing to accept the shipment and not make it clear to us first.                                                             

If you buy multiple products you always have the option to return one or more products from your order. Please note that the delivery costs will not be returned if you choose to return part of your purchase.

Return policy

Please return the items as fast as possible and no later than 14 days following you informing us of your withdrawal. You must cover the costs of the return.

When returning items to us you are responsible for making sure that the items are correctly and securely packed.

You are responsible for the items from the time they are delivered to you.

Due to the sizes some items are not able to be returned by way of normal postage. This applies to cribs, larger furniture etc.

The expenses tied to the return are estimated not to exceed 600 D.kr. Beds and other furniture are often awfully expensive to return as they need to be transported on pallets.

The condition of the item upon return

You are responsible for any lowering of the value of the item caused by any excess handling. You may test the item in the same manor as you would in a physical shop.

If an item has been tested/worn/used mere than as described above we categorize it as ‘used’ which means that you will get only a part, or non, of the original price back. Depending on the sales value of the item.

To receive the full amount, you can do, what would be possible in a physical shop. You may test the item but not use it.


In case you wish to withdraw your purchase, the amount we have received from you will be returned. In case of a lowering of value of the item while in your care, the amount will be subtracted from the original amount.

If you utilize your right of withdrawal we will refund all payments from you including shipment costs (not including extra costs if you should choose other ways of delivery than the cheapest form of standard delivery offered by us), with no unnecessary delay and no later than 14 days from the date we receive your wish to withdraw your purchase.  We make the refund by the same method as your original payment unless you clearly ask us to do otherwise.

We will withhold the payment until vi have received the returned item unless you have presented documentation for the return.

Please use this address when returning your items:


Agerhatten 16C

5220 Odense SOE

Please note that we do not accept shipments sent COD or shipments delivered to a post office or service point.

What do I need to include in my return parcel?

When you return one or more items you must include a copy of the order confirmation or some other form of documentation for the purchase to make it possible for us to identify you as the sender.

Please note!

We do not accept shipments sent COD


If you want to exchange one or more items, you are responsible for covering the costs covering the new shipment.


When you shop at Mammashop you always have a 24 months warranty. If the item is damaged, you can send us an e-mail describing the damage and we will get back to you as fast as possible to let you know how we will solve your issue.

This means you will either get the item fixed, exchanged, get a refund, or a discount depending on the situation. Given the issue is just and that the issue has not arisen due to wrongful use of the item or injurious conduct.

You must complain within a reasonable period after finding the issue.

Always remember to save your order confirmation in case a problem arises. We will refund reasonable shipping costs that you have when returning the item IF the complaint is just. This means the cheapest shipping method available.

Upon returning the item please state the problem in as much detail as possible.

Remember to return the item in proper packaging and remember to get a receipt when you turn the package over to the delivery service for us to refund the delivery costs.

Please note! We do not accept shipments sent COD or the likes.

Product range

If a product or a specific model is delayed from the manufacturer or has been discontinued, Mammashop will let you know.

Documentation and guidance: If product information and user guides come with the product, they will be delivered with the shipment from Mammashop. Should you need further information or guidance please contact us at service@mammashop.eu. Mammashop vouch for every item in the shop and guarantee that they live up to the demands connected to the CE-label.

Gift certificates

A gift certificate from Mammashop is valid up to 3 years after the issue date. There is no warranty on gift certificates. You do not have to spend the entire amount at once. If you have a gift certificate at the value of 1000 Euro and spend 500 Euro, the remaining 500 Euro will be available for later use. A gift certificate from Mammashop is delivered electronically for you to print or forward to the lucky gift certificate recipient. Should the card get lost it is possible to contact our customers services to get the code.

 You will not be charged for delivery when buying a gift certificate!

Personal information

When shopping at Mammashop.dk your information is confidential and will be dealt with in compliance with the GDPR. Read more about our privacy policy.

To make an online agreement you must register with the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address

We register your personal information wit the sole purpose of delivering your items to you. Your personal information is stored at Mammashop and will be deleted only if the customer so wishes.

It is required by law that the information be stored for at least 5 years. When personal information Is gathered through our website, we always make sure that it happens with your express consent. This way you know exactly what information is being gathered and for what.

Mammashop is data controllers and the only ones with access to your personal information registered in our shop. We do not keep our customer information encrypted and we do not transmit the information in encrypted form.

The CEO and the employees at Mammashop have access to the registered information.

The information given to Mammashop is nor disclosed or sold to third parties and we never store sensitive personal information.

As a registered customer at Mammashop you always have the right to object to being registered.

You also have the right to know which of your information has been stored. These rights are ensured by GDPR and all enquiries must be directed at Mammashop by e-mail service@mammashop.eu.

Log statistics

Mammashop uses log statistics which means that a statistic system gathers information to create an image explaining how many visitors the website has had, where they come from and, where they leave the site etc.

Mammashop uses log statistics to optimize the website and the functions. We want to make your experience better by showing you relevant products and special offers. Our web statistics ‘communicate’ with the connected customer- and marketing’s systems.

Force majeure

In cases of force majeure the obligations of Mammashop is cancelled. If the force majeure period extends further than 2 months both you and Mammashop has the right to cancel the agreement without any monetary repercussions injourer. Force majeure covers e.g. Strikes, import-/ export bans or restrictions at both the company and the manufacturers.


Mammashop reserve the right to change and update the terms and conditions for this website. It is of great importance that you keep yourself update on these changes.

Date of latest update: september 29th, 2023

Product images may vary from the actual product.


Do you have any complaints concerning your purchase please contact us at service@mammashop.eu. In case we are unable to find a satisfying solution, you may forward your complaint to the ODR at the EU commission: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.