MaMaMeMo Play Kitchen Dishwasher with Sink - Cherry Blossom

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The tea company with all the teddy bears and dolls is well over, but who takes the dishes? The dishwasher is almost indispensable in Mors and Dad's kitchen, so why not also have one that fits the play kitchen.

The dishwasher from Mamamemo® adds up to many hours of play and can keep playing again and again.
It is very realistic with 2 pull -out shelves, where there is room for cups and small plates and the bottom large plates, pots, pans and bowls. The cutlery basket can hold all the dirty cutlery and the used kitchen utensils. Before starting the dishwasher, simply put a dishwashing loss in the soap dispenser, select a washing program and turn on the machine.
1 - 2 - 3 and wupti! You have clean service.

On the countertop there is a black sink with faucet and drain plate. The faucet has a fun sound feature, so it sounds like running water when you turn on the tap.

The dishwasher, together with the American fridge from Mamaemo®, is a great addition to the play kitchen.

The faucet uses batteries - they do not follow.