Mininor Digital Bath Thermometer - Polar Bear

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The Digital Bath Termometer can measure your child's bathing water or the temperature in the room.

It's a large LCD Display which makes it easy To read how many degrees the water has or how hot it is in the room. If the bath water is too hot, the LED lamp over the display will blink to make you aware that the water is too hot for your baby.

Thermometer can easily keep your child losing it .

thermometer is approved as toys after a71, so your child can easily play with the penguin while in the bath.

Measuring interval: 0-80 degrees

High Temperature Alarm (at 39+ degrees-can be set)
Low Temperature Alarm (at 30 degrees-cannot be changed)

Target: 10 x 9 x 4 cm.
Battery: 2xLR44 Supplied