Yookidoo Bath Toy Flow'n Fill Spout

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The bathtub so there is no additional consumption of water.

There are 3 cups included, each with their different water voltage and spraying effects.

The cups can be filled with water from the faucet and the child can have fun with the different water jets etc.

Easy for children to operate, specially designed for small hands.
The faucet can be turned from side to side, depending on where the baby wants the water to hit.

Training coordination and concepts like empty/full, heavy/light and floating/sinking.
Lots of fun activity and aha experiences in the bath completely without additional consumption of water with battery -powered pump.
Designed for small hands.

The faucet is fastened with suction cup to the wall or bathtub. The orange and green cup, orange cup with watermill, red cup with water spreader that the child can stack or let float around the bathtub.